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Fresh Sushi and

Dinner with a Show!

Kobe Japanese Steak and Sushi has been serving Little Rock fresh sushi and hibachi -- a fiery take on a traditional Japanese style of coooking.

Kobe's main dining room features hibachi grills where chefs bring the cooking to you, adding a fiery show with your meal. 

If an open flame is not your style, head over to our kitchen service with access to the same great menu items but with a  more traditional seating arrangement. 

Fresh sushi is prepared by our skillful sushi chefs. Enjoy traditional sashimi or nigiri orders or try out some of our adventurous sushi rolls that combine tangy sauces and layers of sushi to create interesting new flavor profiles. 

Also check out our expanding menu that now includes staple Korean dishes like Kimchi Soup and Bulgogi!

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